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Spirits - Noy Geva

Noy always dreamed of being a singer, so in honor of her bat mitzvah, her parents arranged a surprise for her - to be a singer for one day!
So to make the idea a reality we started thinking about a song.  Noy really loves the singer Eliad Nahum and chose to sing his song  "Ghosts". Then the process of recording the cover of the song began in a professional recording studio and at the same time we started to build a concept for the plot of the clip.
Noy also loves to dance and performs in a dance class.
The concept chosen is a spring of dreamy pursuit of something she is trying to achieve. The clip is accompanied by an abstract dance performed by Noy.
The filming phase  We did  Amazing blockchain  And finally Noy got a professional clip that easily conquers all the charts.

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