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סרטים וקליפים של wave movies מוצגים בתוך מסך מחשב, מסך טלוויזיה, פלאפון וטאבלט - Movies and clips of wavemovies displayed in a computer monitor, a TV screen, cell phones and tablet
קליפ לשיר nightmare של GL
קטע מתוך הסרט הקצר "טיפת חלב" - A scene from the short film "Milk's drop"
gaya fitness
סרטון חתונה
וידיאו קליפ מוזיקלי של השיר "עוד לא עשר" בביצוע תמיר זהבי - Music video clip for the song "Not yet ten" performed by Tamir Zahavi
פתיח של וייב מוביס - The opening of wavemovies
קליפ מאחורי הקלעים של צילומי אופנה הפיינליסטים בגמר של תוכנית הריאליטי היפה והחנון 4 - Behind the scenes clip of fashion photography of the finalists of the reality show Beauty and the Geek 4
קליפ לשיר ואת לא כאן של עמית לואיס
סרט תדמית של הפקת איפור, סרטון שיווק למאפרת - Promotional film of makeup production, marketing video for makeup artist
קליפ קונספט של איפור אולטרה סגול - Clip concept of makeup ultraviolet
קטע מתוך הסרט הקצר "שבויה" - A scene from the short film "Captive"
קליפ חתונה משפחתי "אסף נדנד" - Family Wedding Clip
סרט תדמית של הפקת איפור, סרטון שיווק למאפרת - Promotional film of makeup production, marketing video for makeup artist
סרטון מחווה לסרטים ידועים - Video tribute to well-known movies
סרט תדמית של הפקת איפור, סרטון שיווק למאפרת - Promotional film of makeup production, marketing video for makeup artist

It's time  

Produce the film  That you dream of

I will help you find all the elements that will make your vision a movie  High quality tailored  Exactly to the needs  And for your goals from the planning stage to the final product

שורת מפתח
הסיפור שלי

My story

Hi, I'm Maor Weintraub, a photographer and art video editor.

Why do I do video production for business owners?

I have always loved the field of video, there is no doubt about that. This thrill to produce the perfect visual moment that will make the viewer experience and feel it as I as an experiential creator without adding a single word, it fills me with a satisfaction that is worth everything to me.

You could say I live and breathe video on a daily basis. I have always experimented and studied the field and made films. I later completed a bachelor’s degree in communications and film. Then the moment came and I officially set up my business Wave Movies, a young and dynamic production house that provides a creative and professional solution for image-marketing video productions. But it has not stopped here, even today I always continue to be exposed to new ideas and technologies in the field so that there are always new things to get to know, learn and experience.

I've been in the field for so many years and just love it so I do not see that I am dealing with anything else.

And to add to that I also manage to help business owners, small and large, get the perfect film they dream of producing, that's what makes me good.

What sets me apart?

For me, this is not a production line. Just as each child needs to be cared for and invested in individually in order for him to grow, develop and succeed, so I invest in each and every video. Before we all begin we will get to know each other as people and learn about your business and the services or products you provide. We will then understand together what you want to convey in the video, what the budget framework is and what type of video will be specific to your business. The video will be produced on a fun and experiential day of filming, and then the video goes through an editing process where I will focus on each and every whip, combining professional graphics and light melody, and give it a cinematic look until we get an experiential and fun video.

How am I sure I can help you with that?

Because I'm always in the making, whether it's a personal creation or a business one. When you do not stop creating new things and see how things work and what the reactions are to it, it leads to creating a winning video. Since I'm in the field I've produced a lot of videos and clips in different styles for businesses, musicians, private clients and even some short feature films. 

I do not compromise on anything that will help make the video successful, whether in the production equipment needed for the day of filming or professional staff from various fields in which I am assisted, the main thing is that I can help you make the video you are  Dream about it in reality and make your business develop. In this we share this success together.

Let's start creating this experience together!

Waiting to meet you,

Maor Weintraub

צור קשר wave movies

Dreaming of producing a movie or a clip?

It's time to make your idea a reality!

Leave details and I will be happy to help you  In creating the idea

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